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digital commissions: OPEN - see commission widget
traditional commissions: CLOSED
jewellery & craft commissions: OPEN - note me

art trades: OPEN
jewellery & craft trades: OPEN

collabs: OPEN

requests: OPEN - watchers only

see also:
my gigs on Fiverr
my shop on Etsy


digital painting - small
A digital painting of any mythical or strange creature character, animal or non-human fanart character. Includes Pokemon and ponies.

Panda Whale by DeviBrigard Adopt: Axes pony DTA - CLOSED by DeviBrigard
digital painting - large
A digital painting of ~2400x2000px. Will paint any mythical or strange creature character, any animal character or nonhuman fanart character. Includes Pokemon and ponies.

Creature Design: Oraxu by DeviBrigard
digital lineart
A digital lineart of any sort of character - human, animal, original species, mythical creature, dragon, pony, Pokemon, whatever you want.
These linearts are clean and ideal for adoptables or colouring contests.

RaiXChange lines: Aniras by DeviBrigard RaiXChange Lines: Aiko by DeviBrigard

*note that these examples are not free to use
digital drawing (lineart + colour)
Digital lineart then coloured. You receive both the lineart and the completed picture.
Will draw any mythical or strange creature character, original species, fanart character, human, humanoid or anthro character, or practically anything else.
Style works especially well for Pokemon or ponies.

Fan Art: Mega Lapras X by DeviBrigard Latin Dragon: Praeda by DeviBrigard
Journal Skin CSS Coding
If you have a journal skin design, I can convert it into usable journal skin CSS. Your choice whether you want it as a text file or as an installable journal skin.

See my deviantID for qualifications.


DeviBrigard has started a donation pool!
349 / 1,000
For presents, random donations and buying gift-art :la:
Occasionally llamas too.

Points for adoptables also go here.

391:points: :la:
(391 :points: for random giving)

having bought prints for:
Zulfara - not sure it has arrived yet :shrug:

and a birthday present for Captain-Random

*count is total, including commission revenue and purchased points

Special thanks to CameronKobe for being awesome :squee:

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Oct 30, 2014
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Oct 29, 2014
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Oct 29, 2014
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Oct 28, 2014
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Writing List - I do write things

  • Cyrillion Sun -
    • 410 pages written
    • 40 pages digitised
    • the same 15 pages edited about 5 times :roll:
  • Cyrillion Dawn (prequel)
    • ~1907 words
    • partial edit
  • second prequel
    • ~1 paragraph
  • Cyrillion Dusk (sequel)
  • Cyrillion Skies (possible post-prequel)
  • Cyrillion Stars (possible post-sequel)
  • Topiary Dragon
    • ~373 words
    • write/edit combo (taking a different approach to this one)
    • cover art
  • The Devil in Me - 
    • ~10,278 words
    • nail down the plot. It keeps slithering around.
    • convince Israel that drunken karaoke is not the best use of his time :facepalm:
    • remind Israel that his story is not a musical.
    • fish Israel out of the Thames.
    • Emily
  • Wildfire - 
    • ~19,463 words
    • final chapters 
    • edits
    • complete cover art
  • The Power of Dreams - 
    • complete illustrations
  • Crimes Against Nature Fashion
    • ~606 word outline
  • Ash Heart
    • mental plotting
    • character sketches
  • Apple Apple Nonsense -
    •  ~2200 words
    • illustration 
    • edits
  • Fuzzy Guardian (working title) -
    • decide on a medium
  • Dragon Farm
    • ~207 words
  • Alien Serael (working title)
    • ~172 words google doc
    • ~397 words writer doc
  • Love's Light (working title) - Clocksmith fanfiction / world invasion. Yes, that will be happening. Eventually.
  • Steampunk Plot (working title) -Duncan and the mechanical monsters
    • ~1212 word outline
  • Our Story (collaborative) - 
    • write my next section
  • Harsh Company (working title)
    • ~300 word outline
  • Roger and the Excessively Long Furlong
    • about half written
    • requires illustrations
  • "He thinks being a virgin makes him magical."
  • fairy bug girl
    • character sketches
  • vampire-people
    • ~275 word outline
  • "the hot English teacher"
  • Record Shop Girl
  • Wallis the shopkeeper
  • Death Without Death
    • ~606 word scene
  • dream plots x8 - need some serious fleshing out

Your favourite kind of art? 

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Ash Harrison

•artist • writer • web developer •
•IT student•
• human nebula • trans-dimensional multiform • Magikarp wrangler •

2014 - Bachelor of Information Technology
2013 - Diploma of Website Development
2013 - Adobe Certified Training in Flash/ActionScript 3.0
2012 - Certificate IV in Web-Based Technologies
2012 - Certificate III in Information, Digital Media & Technology (Web Technologies)
2011 - Bachelor of Engineering (mechanical and aerospace) first year only



Feature: Deviants in Need

Thu Oct 2, 2014, 5:45 PM
Below are a selection of deviants, in no particular order, with varying degrees of need for various reasons. Please read their journals and consider how you may offer them assistance, even if it is merely another feature journal.
I'm in dire need of funds for medical bills thanks to my surgery on 10/13/2014.
I will be off work until past thanksgiving so I am opening commissions. If you can't buy, please spread the word around.
Chibi: 5$

Headshots: 5$

Full Body: 10$

Sailor Atsuko (Compassion) by goddess-of-the-moon1Sailor Iota by goddess-of-the-moon1
Donations are loved too. Send me a note with the information and I'll get working.
All Money can be sent via Paypal
Thank you.
If You aren't fond of my art style, and want to help and get art
 :iconIlantiis: Is also offerin
  Please help! xHey! 
So, I had my tablet looked at by Wacom. The internal plug system is fried, which means that I can't connect my tablet to a computer with a cord. Fucking sucks.
However... I can still connect it to my laptop with a Wireless USB kit! This is incredible news and WILL SAVE MY ART CAREER. WOO.
The only problem is... The kit is $60 and that's $60 that isn't in my Paypal. 
have money but Paypal refuses to verify my card for some reason, and until that gets sorted, I've decided to ask for some help with this. I have projects and commissions to finish that I just can't put off.
If any of you could donate and help me get the money for the tablet, I'd be more than glad to draw you something (SFW or NSFW!) and probably even give you your donation money back when my card clears!
This is so, so embarrassing to ask but I haven't been able to draw for like, a month and I'm at my wits' end!
If you'd like to donate, my paypal is! Thank you

Please help a friend get married!Edit: We've raised $98/$160 so far and we have 7 days to go! :icontearplz: Let's keep going! Thank you to everyone who helped by buying adopts and donating to the cause!! You rock! Spread the word if you can!
FOR SALE! Highest bid so far is $20

Hello my little pumpkins!! Hope you're all doing wonderfully and enjoying the week so far :la:! I know of a little person who could use some help to make this week, this month and the rest of her life be so much brighter! And you can help! :love:
:iconmewberry-chan: is going to fly to Great Lakes IL from North Carolina by the end of October to see her fiance graduate from Basic Training and get married to him that very day! :iconsqueeeeplz:
Everything is planned and booked but she is missing just $160 to cover the marriage license and hotel expenses ;__;
It's not that much money compared to the endless bliss that would fill Mewberry-Chan's heart if we helped her reach h
Life Update, Lava Threats, and Adoptables HelpHello and good day Cyberscape!
     Lurockia here, it's been awhile since my last journal update and I feel like you all deserve to know what has been happening lately around my neck of the woods.
(Short Version - TLDR; Lava is currently threatening nearby areas a few miles south of where I live and I'm creating adoptables to help fund the move so that my family and I can leave the area. Signal boosting and suggestions would be appreciated)
While everything has mostly recovered for the most part since Hurricane Iselle hit us pretty hard back in August I am saddened to say that the relief was rather short-lived. You see, I live in the Hawaiian Islands which is smack dab in the middle of nowhere and as of last month a new flow of lava has begun creeping  towards some of the neighborhoods exactly 4 miles south from my home.
     The last time this happened was around 23 years ago which wa
Please helpOctober 15
I'm sorry I've been so quiet, I barely have energy for anything these days - just going to the kitchen makes me go out of breath and the doctor still don't know what is wrong (though she seem to have given up). I did get in enough to buy my medicine for my other medical issues so I am so grateful for that. I still don't have a job, closest thing was a phone interview with Doctors without borders but got a nope today through e-mail. My food supply is dwindling and I have no money for food. It is mostly shit here, I hope you all are doing much much better.

September 28

I am mind blown and lost for words for all the help I have gotten. I will write a more proper journal post tomorrow or Tuesday. As of right now I should have enough to cover my bills (if I calculated correctly), if I would be lucky to get around 400 sek more I can buy my medicine too but if that doesn't happen I will at least know I have a roof over my head for the coming month.
September 23

QUICK COMMISSION ( 13 SLOTS LEFT)Hi guys, as you know i have already open a commission. But now i'm having a bit of money problem. Therefore i decided to open a quick commission with 15 slots open  and LOWER PRICE . Please help :'( .
I'm doing portraits ( chest up) in watercolor with simple background for 20$ each. +10$ for 1 additional character .
I will list your commission right here in this journal.
Thank you for reading this :'( . If it's possible, share your friends, i would be really appreciate = ((((
:iconwriven: (2 portraits) : paid and done :D
  Help!<edit> October 11: update ->

Thank you everyone for sharing this journal and spreading the word!
<edit> September 29, day 6: still in the hospital. We're looking forward being discharged so we can rehabilitate my father at home. I'm still working on and spreading theword coz the bills don't end even on discharge... there are follow up check ups and also the maintenance drugs. My mom suffered from fatigue due to lack of sleep & stress. It would seem that we need to hire a caretaker so that the others and me in our family wont get fatigued too.
<edit> September 27, Day 4: I created a GoFundMe campaign page:
PLease help me share it! Even in his dire condition, when my father gets a bit conscious, he's worrying about the bills. Stress is not good for him and this puts my mom under as much stress too. The doctor wasn't able to make rounds but I can te
  Don't want to ask but...need help/donationsMy life the past few months has just been a series of unfortunate events, I swear. ;;;
Firstly, my computer completely fried, so I had to build a new one. Had to brave a billion medical tests to be diagnosed with ME. Then my cat got a serious eye infection that spread to both eyes that I had to cash out for. Found a stray, very weak and brittle cat drowning in my pond so I had to fish her out, rush her to a vet and stupidly offered to pay for her treatment. Lost £150 worth of stuff in the post and no one can refund me. I've just gotten over a 3-month long water infection and now have bronchitis. I'm -400£ in the bank after it all.
And now my apartment - that I only moved into 3 weeks ago - has flooded. Hot water pipe above us burst and, after running for an entire 8 hours, it's completely uninhabitable. The ceiling collapsed, floor is waterlogged, toilet's completely trashed, kitchen cupboards need to come down. LUCKILY, all the structural damage IS covered by my landl

I have a situation - UpdateUpdate: Thanks to Stygma, cality and CameronKobe I did manage to get those $100. Thank you so much. :tighthug: Also, SavageFrog, thanks so much for that huge promotion thing you did! :hug:
I really don't like to write about this, but I don't know how to help myself any other way. I have a situation. A money related one. Over the past month bills I need to pay have accumulated, and I need to pay them off at the end of next month. I'm currently short a 100$ which I can't cover with my regular job. So in order to get that money, I'm offering to draw/paint pretty much anything you want in exchange for a little $ (barring the obvious things like gore, full nudity etc.).
My regular commission info is this:

Apart from that I'll also do small doodles, bigger doodles, sketches, anything that doesn't take years to finish (that means no full
Transition commissionEdit [11.10]: just a big reminder about the sale. I'm soon going to the doctor for this stuff, and if you ever wanted a commission,  now is a good time!
I'd like to keep this very personal, but one time I realized that this one blog is the most personal thing there is. And you, guys, have been more supportive then anyone else, and I have no idea how to thank you all enough.
You know I'm going through a very hard procedure these days. In fact, it starts in November this year. I don't really like to talk about it much, since it usually sounds like whining, however, I might or may not make a few blogs in process to support those who are in doubt or scared. And I am always, always OK with private talks about it (read: notes, skype and other stuff that does not make loads of garbage on public resources).
However lucky am I, the whole thing drains my resources. You can imagine how hard it is to become another person. Therefore, I am opening the sale once more, rather cheap commis
  uuughhh...I am opening 10 $ single character commissions AGAIN. :(
Turns out my husband now needs 2 surgical procedures in the next month, and his doctor bill came in at way more than we were expecting to pay...  and on top of it my freelance gig has been far less hours than they originally told me I would have. :(
So...... 10 $ single character commissions are open!
All commissions are flat fill with black line.
almost any other cartoon characters
OC characters
NSFW human
small props are okay
Not accepting
steam punk
super detailed machine/ robot characters
requests for bkgs
I prefer to keep it one chracter per picture, but multiples are okay, but it will still be 10$ per chracter.
Please note me here on DA or email me :
I appreciate any and all help <3
Thank you all.

A little sad nowI don't have the money to pay my etsy bill so it looks like it's gonna close automatically soon.  Nothing has sold.  So if you decide you want to buy anything and the shop has closed, I'm sorry.  It's gonna have to wait until I have money...and that's likely not gonna happen till November because we're left with nearly nothing after our bills right now.  Joe starts in new job on Monday, but he gets paid every other week.  All of the money from his paychecks this month will be to pay our bills, rent, and food.  November will be better because we'll be caught up.  We're already behind on most of our bills.
Yeah, a little upset right now.
If anyone feels like donating to my paypal please let me know ASAP.  Thanks.
  BACK HOME (UPDATE ON MY LIFE)Good morning/afternoon/evening/whatever time of the day it is when you're reading this. Though I should update you on what happened to me after all this time.
Short story: Depressed 
Long story: Well, as you might know, in December 31st with the help of my friend Vix I moved from Latvia to Norway, in hopes of having a jump-start on my life, starting anew, finding a job and helping my family back home. Things didn't turn out that great.
While I lived there for a while, being with such incredible people really changed me in many ways, and I gained a lot of self-confidence and stuff, and the experience living there was just amazing and I'm forever thankful for that. But I didn't come there to have fun and games, I actually went there to do something with my life, to escape poverty. I was looking for a job, but other people had different ideas...
In a world of globalization, where people move freely from country to country, I guess there are stil
  Mats for Mutts Donation DriveI was wondering if you could help with or spread the word for my "Mats for Mutts" donation fund? The all hard surface floors are hard on our 8 year old Dutch Shepherd and poor 3 year old Lanyiah's size has already bruised her front leg elbows. We could only afford two small dog bed pillows for the bedroom. I have added some desired memory foam area rugs to my wishlist on Amazon and 2 of these would help greatly!
I'm backed up with commissions for awhile but most of those will be paid via money order so my paypal is empty and no local stores even sale padded rugs.
My Amazon wishlist:
My paypal:

Awesomes of August
1. Gifts
2. Personal Message
3. Special Groups & Other Special Info.
4. "The Shelter Project" :new: NEWS!
5. B-Day Features, PLUS Said & Did Features
6. Tribute

:wave: Hello and Thank You to Anyone who even has a chance to read my journal.
Thing is, I KNOW that time is VERY precious. :nod: :aww: :rose:
I hope JUNE, JULY, & the first part of AUGUST have been going at least pretty well or better for you, my dear friends (AND family, should they see this), and now I WISH ALL Who May See This, an AWESOME rest of AUGUST!
Sending you all my love across various directions of miles, all over the planet. :earth:
:icongift1plz: GIFTS from dA Friends :icongift1plz:
:thanks: Thank you to my sweet amazing friend: :iconannissina: for: [Rose]
Such soft delicate roses, t
  HELP, my computer's dying!! EMERGENCY CommissionsWelp, my computer's finally crapping out and I need to take it in for some MAJOR repairs. While I can get it to turn on, if it for some reason powers off/restarts, it can take a hours to a day and a half to get it to turn back on past a blank, black screen. Within the past week, it's completely refused to load or acknowledge my tablet's components and within the past two days, it's stopped acknowladgin the internet connection, even though the status clearly states connected. This seriously couldn't have come at a worse time. I still have a ton to do for Youmacon which is at the end of the month and my tablet and computer are out of commission. NatakuXeden is graciously letting me use theirs in the mean time, but I really want my own computer back. We both have a ton to do still and this is really putting a damper on that, and that's just the short term problem with not having my computer. Past that, nearly 100% of my art is digital these days.
I want to go take it up to Staples an
Emergency Commissions + Point GiveawayAlright, for those of you paying attention, I am doing commissions right now to raise money so I can move out of an abusive household. Well, just on Wednesday, I got my final eligibility paperwork in from housing. After having a preference letter from a local organization sent to them, I am getting priority. My appointment would have normally been on the 22nd, but is now on the 7th. After that, I should be bumped up to the top 5 next in line for an apartment. I should be out by the end of this month, but certainly no later than the end of November unless something super bizarre happens where no one wants to move out to free a spot.
However, I still am in need of help. Just the pet deposit to bring my cat with me is $150, even though he is getting registered as an emotional support animal. I also still need to buy a bed, furniture, and some other essentials. In between my appointments, work, donating plasma, getting set up for college next semester, and job interviews for a better job,

  Custom originals OPEN - puppy needs to see vetEDIT: All customs are $5 flat. i seriously need this for my dog guys. I'm hoping for at least ten orders so I can get $50 to add to the $25 I already have. I really need to get Zeus checked and get him his shots.
Some of you know I recently got a wolf hybrid puppy about five days ago, Zeus, a dog I have wanted for YEARS. Last night, he showed symptoms of parvo(vomiting and diarrhea). He is not lethargic however and is very happy and energetic. I do not want to take risks though. I have been carefully monitoring him and seeing if the symptoms intensify. If this is the case, I want to take him to the vet immediately. Unfortunately, a vet bill is money we do not have, nor do I. All the cash from these adopts/designs are going to be saved up for a vet bill so I can get Zeus checked up, given medication if needed, and get his shots. If you want to donate, I am eternally grateful, please just let me know. I am opening customs of Common Spyxx, Feathercats, and any of the creatures you
  Urgent Paypal Comm!!ALSO astrophysh has opened his commissions as well, so please concider either one of us. Thank you!
Commission Update!
First off a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who has commissioned me so far. Thank you thank you thank you, you guys have literally saved us. While the immediate/initial issue has passed there is still a lot going on. I would like to just say that  we currently have food in the house, thanks to everyone, and like always we will make it last as long as physically possible. 
However I would ask that anyone who finds this and wants/can  to please concider comissioning us still. As is we barely get by every month, his paycheck gets eaten by rent and bills and leaves us with very very little food, let alone anything else.
So our commissions will remain open, as they are my only source of income and way of helping taking the money stress off of him.
Thank you in advance to anyone who
Worried SickI'm really worried about Lanyiah. She's got these red scaly sores all over her chest and underbelly. I shaved the area to better apply hydrocortisone and neosporin cream. The vet wants to see her because the shot and antibiotics and medicated shampoo they put her on is not working. But I can't afford another vet trip.
I don't know what to do...I haven't been lucky raising donations lately for much of anything and I cannot accept commissions for awhile because I'm booked through the end of this year and for poster sized pieces.
And I've nowhere else to turn.
Paypal email:

Or any of the wishes at dAWishingWell
The Showcase
Updated October 28, 2014
The Showcase simply shows all the known ungranted and partially granted wishes.
You can grant wishes from the Showcase or the wish features blogs: Fishing for Wishes, Wish Fondue and the Wishing Jar.
Forever wishes
Arcane-Panda wishes for a Daily Deviation.
Arcane-Panda wishes for more active watchers.
A-Wakefield wishes for The-Spectra to receive a Super Group status. You can donate points to Queen-of-Beers's donation pool.
BloomingRoseXeniia wishes for DD.
C0MPASSION wishes to receive a Daily Deviation on one of Fantasy Bliss, Like Sand Through the Hour Glass or If A Bow Could Rain.
CelestialMemories wishes for people to donate points to SUDonate for Series-Unknown contests and events.
CyphonFiction wishes to sell more

There are probably plenty more deviants out there in need of some kind of support, but these are just the ones I immediately know of.
If you have any others to add, you can let me know :la:

design concept by Agona-d
CSS by DeviBrigard
frog stock from ravenarcana and hatestock
See this awesome character design I've just received from @sacredium :la:

Secret Spook for DeviBrigard! by Sacredium


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